30 days of truth: day four

Day 04 → Something you have to forgive someone for.

Geez, these questions are having a therapy vibe to them!


Sigh. Ok. Lol. *twiddling thumbs*

Well I haven’t gotten to the forgiving part (because I’m still upset and I can’t force forgiveness just for the sake of forgiving). But I know that I have a forgiving spirit so I know it will come.

About a month ago I had a falling out with a friend. I considered him my best friend actually. FYI: don’t fall in love with your best friend if the feelings aren’t mutual. Umkay? THANKS. Anywho, it was a fiasco. Looking back on it, I really wished I had a camera crew to record my antics. Basically I need to forgive him for being selfish. Ironically enough, I’m a very selfish person (don’t crucify me please) but not when it came to him. I need to forgive him for keeping me in a place where he really should have let me go long ago. Keeping me in a place of confusion and fairy tale. And that’s all I’m saying.

I’m really considering hitting back space for about a minute but…isn’t this what blogging is for? I hope no one reads this. I know he doesn’t read my blog so that’s good. So this little confession is between me and my faithful nine subscribers. I heart you.

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6 thoughts on “30 days of truth: day four

  1. I think this 30 days will be very revealing to your spirit Luce. When we think we are sharing for the sake of others or just doing something to see how it goes, it usually turns out to be very therapeutic for us. Keep writing love 🙂

  2. You are not alone.. It’s so difficult to let go.even when you know it is the right thing to do.. isn’t it?
    The anger and pain will pass. Someday.

  3. By the way… this is the best thing ever ( im cleaning myself out before my birthday and after…..LOVE IT)
    Day 4-
    I had to forgive 2 ppl that truly tried to attack my relation with my special friend.
    It was soo hard I held it in for about (all in all) 2 years. I hated that feeling and it was the worst pain I felt in a very long time.
    But me being a God fearing person, I prayed like crazy because it was bad for me to hold on to this pain. Ironically, I wanted that friendship or trust back ( even though I knew it was over).
    I am thankful that this pain is gone and I forgive these people with every being in my body.

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