Praying for others

Saturday’s Reflection

WHEN WE PRAY FOR OTHERS, two people are blessed — the person being prayed for and the person praying. God hears our prayers and understands that we want what is best for those for whom we are praying. And we can more easily put our own problems in perspective as we pray for someone with terminal illness or for lonely people who need caring, loving people in their lives. Our prayers form a circle of blessing around us and the people for whom we pray.

One thought on “Praying for others

  1. That was nicely put ma’am.
    By the way… what happened to day 3-Something you have to forgive yourself for???

    well, here is mine,
    There is something I am can say I recently started to forgive myself for doing something very bad to a dear family member ( we will leave it at that). However, it is still hard and I pray that what I say i forgive myself for is TRULY forgiven.
    So, its not that I have to forgive myself, but more like I need to believe in that forgiveness because I know my Lord has done that when I knelt down and confess it to him.

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