Tin Lizzy’s: One of my fave lunch spots

One of my favorite spots for lunch is Tin Lizzy’s (The Midtown Atlanta location). Their service is always great. Friendly people. Great environment. And the drinks are amazingly strong. I would not suggest having two drinks on your lunch break. Don’t do it.

Today I’m having straying away from my regular strawberry margarita and giving the mango margarita a try. For $5, it’s pretty good. I’m sweating. That’s probably because of the jalapeno’s in my tacos and, the heat from outside mixed with the strong drink. Again, if you’re going back to work, don’t do this. I’m just gangster.

I usually eat the same thing: fried fish taco, santa fe steak taco and/or philly steak taco. All are really good.

Price: each taco is about $3 and they’re a little on the small side. But they’re really good!

I wasn’t that great of a tipper before but this locations service is so amazing, I can’t help but tip them well. It’s like they flirt me into submission lol.

If you’re ever in the Midtown area, give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Random tip: heat and alcohol DO NOT mix! Plan accordingly.

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