30 days of truth: day two

Day 02 → Something you love about yourself.

Just one?! I love me soooo much! LOL!

One thing I know for sure is that I hate holding on to pain. I’ve done it and in the end, the only one left angry, bitter, hurt and sad was me. Been there, done that, over that, I’m done. It takes a lot for someone to hurt my feelings. That person must know me and know exactly what to do to piss me off.

Over the years I’ve let a lot of men hurt me. It’s funny looking back that they were the only ones that could really hurt me, not women. Hmmm….I need to really thing about that. But anywho…I never want to be in a place in my life where I harbor so much ill will for someone. It’s not healthy. Yes, I may feel like revenge is best, initially, but what does it prove? In the end, I’m still sad and they’re happily living their lives. The best I can do for ME and MY healing, is to forgive and let go. And it’s the best feeling to see someone you used to hate and now have no residual pain or malicious intent towards the person. That shows personal growth on your part. Just remember, your healing is what’s important. Make your spirit well.

2 thoughts on “30 days of truth: day two

  1. Day 2- Courage to get back up and smile.

    It is soooo funny how you (Lucy) have a similar ideology on forgiveness as I do.
    I learn through out my life that EVEN when I get hurt by someone who can really hurt me, I can survive… no…. I WILL SURVIVE.
    Lately, I have been sad and hurt by those who are closet to me ( starting with my family). And there are days I get depress over my life ( for I dont see so much accomplishments yet).
    However, when I get the unhappy feeling, I learn that I can make it . So I learn to gain a strong self esteem and smile .
    I love that about myself.
    I learn that I have to get over the whole ” You need to be getting married now”. “You should be on your first child”, ” You should be done with undergrade”.
    Because MY life IS different and what the LORD wants for me he will provide.
    So… I love me…. alone, in school, and without child.
    I love my courage and my smile.
    All I need to do is let my smile last longer and Let GOD!!!!
    ( I love this blog….I think this is the therapy I needed… Thank you Lucy!!!)
    See you tomorrow for day three…lol

  2. Your family hurts you? Not fun living in one place again hunh? Lol.

    Chile please, we are only 25. Nobody gets married and pregnant at this time anymore. That’s old school!

    You’ll be finished when you need to be. Don’t rush life!!!

    No problem buddy.

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