Weekend at a glance: Ross Oscar Knight #3

I would say the biggest highlight of my weekend was meeting my favorite wedding photographer for the second time, Ross Oscar Knight. My friend and I attended the opening exhibition reception that was held at Environment in Atlanta, Georgia. I must say that was a clever venue to display his work. There were beds everywhere. And his photography was hung just above the beds.

I simploy adore his work and the fact that a lot of the photography on display were from his recent trip to Haiti (the birthplace of my parents). I’ve never been to Haiti before but I felt the connection through Knight’s work. To find out more about the artist and his work, please visit his website. Enjoy.

DSC04441 DSC04442










 Ross Oscar Knight and I


  One of my tweeps @saadiamechel. She recognized me by my name while she was signing me in! 🙂


 IDK why this bull was there


My friend Laura

4 thoughts on “Weekend at a glance: Ross Oscar Knight #3

  1. YOU WENT???
    I was suppose to go to both events he had.
    When i saw him… I couldnt speak… all I could tell him is how much I love him….LOL
    It was embarrassing!!!!

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