He is just a man

Unless you’ve been ignoring Twitter yesterday and not watching the news or listening to the radio, you may not have heard about the latest scandal to hit yet another man in the church ministry. I haven’t read much on it but all I can say is that I’m not surprised.

Prominent leader at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, Bishop Eddie Long is up against some serious allegations. According to WSBTV,” Three men have come forward accusing Long of coercing them into a sexual relationship.”




Three defendants charge that Long used his mega-church position to build a strong personal bond with them, by taking them on trips and giving them lavish gifts. They said the church leader convinced them that sex with him was part of a healthy spiritual life. They also have claimed that Long violated his legal responsibility as a spiritual adviser. Long adamantly denies the allegations. [Source]

My thoughts:

I’ve never heard a sermon by Long in my whole life. I’m not a member of his congregation. I’m not familiar with his style of preaching or teaching. I don’t even remember what his voice sounds like.  So I can’t in the least bit vouch for him on this. All I have is facts. These facts suggest that Bishop Long is in for a long drueling process.  It’s not looking too good for him at all.

I made a series of comments on the matter via Twitter yesterday because there were a great deal of people that felt that the Bishop is wrong. Others, I would call them members, are skeptical or down right against believing any of the allegations.

My thing is this: Why is it that we put so much faith in man? Why don’t we realize that as humans, we all make mistakes, no matter how high one is in status? Why are people blind to the fact that Long is JUST a man? I don’t understand why pastors, bishops, priests, etc, are held at such a high regard, as if they are perfect and blameless. We see these leaders and we assume that their closet is void of cobwebs when in reality, they deal with the most because so many people look up to them. They have an image to uphold.

I’m not at all surprised by these accusations. What raises an eyebrow is why Long didn’t think this would come to light, if it IS true. I’m not excusing or downplaying the situation because if he is proven guilty, he really should pay the price. But there is always two sides of a story and that story is still in its development stage. All I can do is hope and pray that it is not true, not for me, but for his following. Some people would rather turn their heads than believe facts that are placed before them.

My questions to you are:

  • Do you think the Bishop is guilty or innocent?
  • If guilty, how will this affect Longs ministry? Will his members flee?
  • If innocent, do you think things will go back to normal?

Remember: Judge not, lest ye be judged. Matthew 7:1

6 thoughts on “He is just a man

  1. Me too girl. I’m hiding from possible backlash. Scared to put it on Twitter lol.

    Yesterday I said that we all have flaws. Someone RT’d that and people went in on me. Maybe that was the wrong choice of words, not sure. But what I meant by it is that this situation, what he allegedly did, is due to a flaw. Meaning he is not perfect. I’m not sticking up for him. I’m just saying he is just like you and me. No sin is greater than the other. Oh well. May justice prevail.

  2. I concur with everything that you said Luce. I used the same argument with my husband and he was not feeling it. I mean pretty much word for word. We talked about it last night and this morning. He felt like certain people just shouldn’t make those kinds of mistakes. I tried to tell him that whether or not Bishop Long did this is not going to be the biggest problem. The biggest problem will be how it effects people’s faith. I myself feel that we should not put so much faith into a “man or woman” of God, but call me crazy. I think it’s a rough situation either way it goes. I am praying for all involved as well as my friends that have attended his church for years. I am staying way out of it!

  3. It should also raise the question about his parishioners: are they they for the man or for the Word. Because I couldn’t believe how many of his members would not even entertain the idea that their pastor could do such a thing. Yes, quite possibly he can.

    What he allegedly did is no different from the sins we also commit. I stress that the Bible does not put one sin higher than the other. A sin is a sin is a sin. It may be hard to swallow some sins than others but they are all equal to God and we all shall be judged accordingly.

    It is not my place to turn my nose up at him “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Matt 7:1 I could even go to say I have no right to quote scripture because my life is not right. But thank goodness that although I’m not perfect, I still have a God willing to accept me.

    Tangent, over. lol!

  4. Whenever someone assomes a place of authority, automatically people have expectations. The president, a doctor, store manager, teacher, etc, all these people have expectations to live up to. When God calls a man into the ministry, He is aware of all the imperfections that man posesses. And yet God calls him to be a shepherd to His sheep. I’m no farmer, but if this illustration is used in the Bible, then there must be a unique relationship between sheep and shepherd.

    Bishop Long’s purpose was to follow the perfect example of The Great Shepherd, and that’s what his congregation expected of him. If the allegations against him are true, though having many flaws, one cannot underplay why the sheep God entrusted him would be disappointed.. It’s not so much about faith in one man, although most of the time that’s the case, but it’s also about expectations…

    Cases like this sucks!

  5. You’re soooo right, Kelly! Which is why I was concerned for his members. He knew what he was called to be. He knew that he was responsible for his “sheep”. That goes without saying. But after all the blame is cast, there has to be a solution. We can place blame all we want, the damage is already done. The end result is that his church is going to be under attack.

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