Weekend at a Glance: Pt 3–The Arts Festival #2

When I first started as a freshman at Kennesaw State University (GO OWLS!), I was an arts major. I wanted to be a photographer. Well, before I could get to those classes, I had to take Drawing and Painting and others before I could even get to photography. I pretty much sucked at both. I didn’t want to waste my time so I changed to Communication (seemed like a better route for photojournalism). So when the Arts Festival came around, I was excited to see what local Atlanta artists had to offer. I noticed that none of the artwork was relatively priced for entry level workers such as myself. At this point in my life, I can’t afford $300-1500 worth in art. So instead I had a hotdog and lemonade. OH but the drag queen show had me in tears! They performed a scene from Pageant the Musical. It was so good, I’m tempted to go see it at the 14th Street Playhouse. As always, enjoy.



                                                                               Cute work by Conni Togel




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