Weekend at a glance #1

I had a fabulous weekend filled with fun times with my friends. Went to church, my friend Angel’s graduation party and For Sister’s Only. I’ll post all of my friends pics on Facebook. Just posting my outfits from the weekend. I always get questions as to where I shop. I only shop at three places frequently:

  1. Forever 21
  2. H&M
  3. Banana Republic

I never spend a lot of money on clothes. Ever. First thing I do when I enter a store is head for their sales rack. I’d like to get more for my money. But I’m switching it up a bit since I’d like for my clothes to last and to look more like a grown up. Gonna start spending a little more on signature pieces (next weeks blog) and keep it cheap with my accessories. Enjoy!



  1. Black sweater – Forever 21
  2. Gray polka dot top – H&M
  3. Black suede pumps – Ross
  4. Black tights – Forever 21
  5. Off white blouse – Forever 21
  6. Vintage camel handbag – Rag O Rama
  7. Black suede clogs (I swore I wouldn’t succumb to the craze but these were cute and only $7!) – Ross
  8. Tribal print shirt – Forever 21
  9. Boy shorts – TJ Maxx (kids size!)
  10. Gold sandals – Target

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