Blinking with blinders on

I like falsies. I really do. I have really big eyes that are kinda pretty and I think falcies magnifies them. *shrug*

Yesterday at For Sister’s Only, I got mine done. I have this thing where I’m impatient. I like to get things done right when I want it done, most of the times without thinking it through. This was one of those times. -_- Not only did the girl take forever to apply them (individuals cuz I don’t like the strips), she missed a spot! My cousin pointed it out to me later. I didn’t have the energy to go back to her.

I feel like I have to hold my chin way up just to see. And I can feel the glue grazing my eye balls, just a bit. I know, why go through all the drama. BECAUSE I LIKE FALSIES OK?!

Here’s when I last got them (for graduation) and they turned out nice:


Buuut when I wanted to take them out, they ALL came out. That’s right. Deaddotcom.

Here’s the umbrellas I’m rocking now:


Where can I go to get individual falsies and actually be satisfied??? *bbm distraught face*

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