Under Construction

Hola Readers!

I’ve decided to change my site up a little bit. First, I’m getting a domain name. I’ve learned from Rosetta Thurman on the importance of branding from her blog, Blogging for Branding (a great site if you’re new to the blogosphere). Also check out her 31 day challege. It really helped me in figuring out where I wanted to go with my personal blog.

Second, I’m going to self host my blog. This means I will have sole rights to everything I publish. Yay for ownership! But yea….hopefully I figure it all out over the weekend. I’m a little techology/computer illiterate. CSS and all that jazz freak me out and make me feel dumb.

Lastly, since I like to have some kind of structure, I’ve decided to blog mainly five days a week. If I feel compelled to blog over the weekend, I will do so. Here are my Monday through Friday blog themes:

  1. Inspire Me Mondays (Quotes)
  2. Mirror Mirror Tuesdays (Beauty tips)
  3. Church Wave Wednesdays (Worship songs/scripture)
  4. Talk to Me Thursdays (Hot Topics/What’s in the news)
  5. Too Haute Fridays (Fashion)

Umkay? THANKS! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend. 🙂

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