Fashion Friday

In light of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) which happens September 9-16, I’m posting some super cute outfits for the Fall that I’ve seen on some of my favorite street bloggers sites. Was that a run on sentence?! Anywho, enjoy! And definitely click on the links to see the rest of the pics. I just chose one picture from each post. Pray for me. I hope these outfits make it to my closet some time soon.

That girl is working that tux on the left! I’m definitely into getting a more polished look for this season. Not exactly sure of how to define my style but it defies structure. More free-flowing. This look would be totally opposite of me but I love it.

Post taken from Sterling Style.





I love love love color! The juxtaposition (you like that word hunh) of the bright hues of yellow and blue and the pairing of the brown belt with the brown sandal is simply chic! And I love that her color is buttoned to the top, like on a polo shirt. Way to jazz up the feminine look!

Taken from The Satorialist.





If I could dress like this all the time, I would. First off, I don’t like pants. In a perfect world, all my pants would be just as free flowing as these harem pants. Love love her lace up boots. Cute for every day hanging out.

Taken from Elle.





Nothing cuter than jazzing up a pair of boyfriend jeans with a sequined top, pumps and a clutch. Sexy night on the town look.

Taken from Cheetah is the New Black.




By now you should know of my facination with all things frilly, free-flowing and now add to the list: HIGH WAISTED! I’ve just gotten into the groove of shorts (might as well bare em to make me seem taller).

Taken from Face Hunter.




Instead of getting regular pumps, find one with a bow and make it unique.

Taken from A Girl, A Style

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