Lucy Loves: Tweezers

I’ve said many times that pain is all in your mind. I’ve come to live by that saying as I do a lot of self-inflicting pain unnecessarily. Well, at least unnecessary to some. But when it comes to beauty, sometimes you gotta bring on the pain.

In the past, I was never fond of tweezers. It feels like someone is sticking you with a needle with each prick. But, after my second to last visit to my favorite waxing spot, I decided this to get this little tool to pick up where Paulene may not have caught, if you know what I mean (can I get an OUCH from my ladies?!).

I got this cute tweezer from Walmart. Cheap and does the job.

And this is why you should love tweezers:

  1. You can use them on multiple areas suchs as eyebrows, bikini and under arm.
  2. It takes two seconds to correct a problem.
  3. The pain is bearable for even the most sensitive of people.
  4. There are several styles to choose from (google it!).
  5. They’re discreet! Slip it in your bag and you’re good to go.



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