Day 13: Daydreamin’

Daydream / I fell asleep beneath the flowers / For a couple of hours / On a beautiful day…


Sometimes my best dreams are those which occur when I’m wide awake. I’m a big time daydreamer. Sometimes, I will think about something so much, that I will cause it to happen. Does that sound crazy? Maybe. But it’s my daydreams. You wanna know what some of them are? Ok, cool.

  1.  Being a ballerina–tutu and everything. I’m small enough so WHY NOT?!
  2. Having lunch with Oprah and discussing her next show on teen girls.
  3. Dancing with Ellen DeGeneres at the beginning of her show.
  4. Walking the streets of Italy with Amber Rose, rocking matching fades.
  5. In my future home in the country with my well-behaved hubby and kids, fish, maid and chef.
  6. Running in an open field of flowers.
  7. Having a down to earth conversation with a Buddhist spiritual advisor.
  8. Playing with children in Soweto, Africa (blame the movie Sarafina).
  9. Walking down the streets of New York covered, head to toe in designer _____, to the SATC theme music.
  10. Being a model (hire me).

What about YOU???

2 thoughts on “Day 13: Daydreamin’

  1. I reckon you love to travel? but duuuuuude Sarafina is THAT movie. I remember watching it in the 7th grade. I barely spoke/understood English but I loved it. It’s even better the second time watching it…maybe it’s because I actually understood it *shrugs. I cosign on #3 and #5 sans the chef; I’ll take some (live) chickens and goats instead.

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