Delta, You Are on my LIST!

I’ve been convinced to write a letter to Delta about my experience with them and their service.

A few weeks ago, I made a trip to London for vacation. I chose to fly Delta because they seemed to be the cheapest at the time and I wanted a direct flight.

So I’m all excited about this trip. On July 13, I got to the airport with enough time to spare before my 11pm flight. My friends friend just so happened to be on my flight as well so I had company. 🙂 As soon as we get comfy in our seats, we hear an announcement that everyone has to get off of the plane and switch aircrafts because there is a problem with the black box. Thoughts of 9/11 cross my mind as I quickly make them disappear. Shortly thereafter, we were told that the flight was now cancelled because the part needed to fix the plane was in HONOLULU! Hello….I thought we were switching aircrafts? Ok fine. I questioned them on how we patrons would be relieved due to the inconvenience. I was told to wait in line for hotel, food and transportation vouchers. SWEET! I start walking to the line ahead of me. If I knew that I would’ve been waiting in line for THREE hours, I would’ve called my ride a long time ago. Not only were we waiting in line for hours, not one Delta representative came to inform us on what was going on with our situation.

My flight was rescheduled for the following evening, July 14 at 6pm. You won’t believe that they tried to cancel it again due the the weather conditions in Atlanta. At that point, I was ready to go back home. But literally less than five minutes later, someone came on the loud speaker and said they would be ready to board passengers shortly. Bipolar much?!

By this time, I’m somewhat over this trip. Luckily nothing happened on the way there. I was thoroughly fed and watched movies until my eyes burned.

Finally get to Heathrow airport in London. Got to the front of the line at immigration and then BAM! Drama.

To make a long story short, the lady trying to get me through customs did not feel that I gave her enough information. The fact that I only had $20 cash on me and did not pay for my plane ticket raised a red flag for her. Cultural differences I suppose. But I’m not a newbie to traveling and I’ve never been handled in that way. She was rude and I dished it right back.

Me: Why are you so rude?

Her: Why are you so evasive?

Me: Because I’m American!!!!

Did I do thaaaat?

After being photographed (cheese!), finger printed and then interviewed, I was released. I reeeeally wanted to ask her if she believed in karma at my exit but I kinda wanted to get back home safely.

So basically, not so much fun initially. NOW! How do I go about writing a letter of complaint to Delta? HELP!

7 thoughts on “Delta, You Are on my LIST!

  1. Omg, they are the WORST!!! I too just had shitty service on my first and LAST delta trip. We were going to Jamaica for my mom’s 50th birthday, but my aunt and I were on a totally different flight/airline because we booked it later than my mom and 2 of her friends. WOO BOY, if only we’d been on THEIR flight instead.

    We get to the airport at 6 because our flight is at 8. supposed to fly from chicago to atlanta, atlant to jamaica…easy enough right? WRONG. We’re on the plane sitting, start rolling, then they say we have to go back, something is wrong. wtf? okay, at least they figured that out BEFORE we left the runway. they have us sit on the plane for 2 hours and THEN say welp, sorry, gotta get off this one isn’t flying. GRRRR.

    We wait in a long line, no one’s being helpful, then we finally rebook and have to leave on a later flight which makes us miss our connecting one in Atlanta and NOW they added another connection. So we have to get the flight to Atlanta, literally RUN across the airport to catch a flight to Miami and THEN catch a flight to Jamaica. Mama better be glad that I love her because there is NO WAY that I would have stayed for that fuckery. What was supposed to be 5 hours of travel turned into 12 and I was so through with Delta. They gave me a lil $50 voucher, but I don’t even know that I would ever want to use them again to USE the damn thing. I’ll stick to Southwest, never have a problem and they are sweet as pie.

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  3. So question…
    Ill be going out of town and Delta also have a cheap ticket to where I would like to be.
    Should i take them?
    because as of right now, they seem kind of shady!

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