Mini Vacay

Earlier this week, I visited Charleston, SC. I simply fell in love with that place.

When we got there, my friend and I definitely hit up the historic district of The Battery and walked along the shore.



There was a little fountain area where we saw children playing. But this guy right here had to be way more excited than the kids.

I noticed that everywhere we walked, people were weaving baskets. I stopped on Market Street to ask this lady what the significance of the baskets. She told me that it came from the slaves in West Africa that were brought over to South Carolina.

Of course we did all the touristy stuff like walking up and down for hours, stopping along the way to take in everything. A few of the things I really appreciated about Charleston were:

  1. The grandiose churches on every corner. The architecture was just amazing! 
  2. The shopping up and down King Street
  3. The Landscape and peacefulness
  4. The plethora of fine art galleries
  5. The southern feel of the original cobblestone streets
  6. THE BEACH! (Isle of Palms)

Below are some pics from my trip. All in all, it was a very relaxing time. 🙂




Dakota the friendly horse

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