Dating dilemma

A friend of mine challenged me to find a date for the movies. I know, that’s probably not somewhere you want to take someone that you actually want to get to know. *whispers* (But we got free movie passes. It’s on me, shawty!) Anywho, I need to find someone to take with me. Why this seems like such a daunting task, I have no idea. I think I’m fairly attractive, interesting to talk to (just about anything is liable to come out of my mouth) and charming (I’m just full of myself, aren’t I?). Well, why can’t I manage to get a date, then?

I mean, I’m not asking for a ring or even a proposal. Just a good time with a cool and super sexy person.

Someone new though. Recycling men from my past is so 2009. I live in Atlanta for Pete’s sake. There’s gotta be SOMEONE. But yet, I keep meeting the same kind of dudes. I must be doing something wrong.

I have about a week to find someone before my movie passes expire. ARE YOU OUT THERE KIND SIR?!

7 thoughts on “Dating dilemma

  1. I might be wrong here but it’s sounds like your looking for more than just a “date” to the movies…and since im a serial flirt with a dating list longer than chili’s…cannot offer much help here. One question though. Are your other friends allowed to help you in finding this date? shoo maybe they might know somebody that knows somebody that is a super sexy person. ya neva know! good luck lucy 🙂

  2. Lol…I have the perfect idea. You should have a contest for the date. Like a reality show but all through Social Networking. Call it “For The Love of Lucy”!!!

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