Don’t Stop Till You Drop!

My gmail girls and I got to emailing about what we wanted to do before we die. Some of us dream a lot bigger and brighter than others (shout out to Nadine!) but we all agreed that there are a lot of things we would like to accomplish before we leave this Earth. Here’s my list:
Bucket List
1. Purchase a town home or starter home.
2. Adopt a child.
3. Work with a dance troupe like Alvin Ailey.
4. Visit every state in America (43 more states to go).
5. Learn to play the violin.
6. Pay off my debt.
7. Learn to speak French, Spanish and Italian and maybe German.
8. Get a feature spot on HGTV just to shadow someone.
9. Have Sabrina Soto stage my parents home or Candice Olson or David Bromstad to redesign it.
10. Pay off my parents mortgage.
11. Marry…or not.
12. Live and work in Africa with disadvantaged young women.
13. Gain weight.
14. Visit Haiti and slap Rene Preval.
15. Get my skin to be one skin tone.
16. Take voice lessons.
17. Kiss a white and hispanic man.
18. Have a closet dedicated solely to shoes.
19. Come to terms with my fear of animals in some way.
20. Study Buddhism and visit Buddhist temples in Asia.



This is not a pretend list. I really want to do these things! Don’t laugh.




Ok….maybe I don’t want to slap Rene Preval.

What is YOUR bucket list???

10 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Till You Drop!

  1. 43 more states to go? LOL! I just need to get to the west coast. I was forced to play the violin, I don’t look at it the same. Can you take voice lessons even if there is not chance in hell that they can help you sound good? I always wished I could sing but I know no one would be able to stand me. I would be that girl that just sang ALL the time.

  2. Love it!!! I’m gonna tag along on some of these trips especially the Buddhist temple in Asia..theres the 10,000 one in Hong Kong that WE HAVE to go to! Have a closet dedicated to shoes *Heaven* Live and work in Africa….girl..I got you.

  3. 1. I had voice lessons when I was younger … and now I’m such a music critic :-/
    2. The traveling is such an awesome thing. I wish I had the money for it cause I love to travel.
    3. I’m mad you have “gain weight” on your bucket list. LOL!! I understand your struggle though (ive been trying to gain 10 pounds for the past 8 months) so i think its more a matter of making sure you gain the correct weight. Muscle weighs more than fat (and make your body look super sexy) so exericse could be your best bet..
    4. I have enough shoes to fill a closet… i just need by a townhome to get that closet (thats my goal for 2011).

    You’ve inspired me. I’m gonna make my bucket list and work towards it 🙂

  4. Coincidence or what? I was making a bucket list this week with a friend… here’s my starter list…

    Open and run a for-profit day care center
    Belly dance
    Play the organ
    Cut my hair really short and not cry
    Hot air balloon flight
    Travel to Australia; Scotland; Africa; exotic Pacific Islands; Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Vermont, Seattle, Canada–well, I guess I just want to travel the globe in general…

    It’s a start…

  5. i didnt plan to post my bucket list because i was like now i have to be held accountable to it but shoot since i made it i might asw well post it!

    1. finish everything on this list in enough time to have to make a new one 🙂
    2. live to be at least 100
    3. get married happily and have children with him and live happily every after
    4. sing with every artist who has ever moved me and more
    5. do some great workd in africa and america
    6. help end corruption
    7. help end world hunger
    8. love my self unconditionally
    9. give my mama money not because she needs it but because i want to
    10. build an empire for my future children that they can build on for our legacy
    11. forgive everyone who has wronged me and be forgiven by everyone i have wronged
    12. lose this damn excess body fat
    13. get healthy enough to dance like janelle monae w/o feeling self conscious
    14. sing back up with chantae cann
    15. teach someone something that will improve their life on a personal level
    16. travel for more than vacation reasons i wanna see the world for real
    17. move souls with my music
    18. make an intellectual fall in love with jesus just by my life
    19. learn my true role in christ and life
    20.give god all the glory daily

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